Scuba diving in 
Nusa Penida

The highlight of scuba diving in Bali, the place chosen by most of the divers, beginners and experienced. This is where we can spot the majestic Manta Rays and in the right season the famous Mola Mola (Sun Fish)

The place to be for Bali diving

Spotting the Manta Rays in Manta Point, the Mola Mola in Crystal Bay and incredible coral reef in the drift dives. Nusa Penida is an unlimited source of large marine life.

The dive sites in Nusa Penida are suitable for Try / Discover Scuba Diving, beginner and certified advanced divers.
Nusa Penida is located 45 minutes away from Bali, reachable by a specially designed diving speed boat.
Manta Rays can be spotted all year round in Manta Point
The Manta Rays can be spotted all year round here although their numbers can be different from day to day.
Mola Mola can seen all around Nusa Penida during June – October
Advanced divers from all around the world join us for seeing the worlds largest bone fish, the Mola Mola in Nusa Penida.
Designed for fun with safety in mind

Read and learn about the dive sites in Nusa Penida

All dive sites are perfectly suitablefor beginner and uncertified divers,
Crystal Bay is one of the two most famous dive sites in Nusa Penida along Manta Point. With a beautiful scenery on the surface, a movie like white sand beach line and a pure jungle behind it, it adds to the beauty. 

Underwater, Crystal Bay is a big aquarium with a diverse marine life: Turtles, different types of Moray Eels, Devil Scorpion Fish, Sea Snakes. During the period of June – October, the famous Mola Mola otherwise known as Sun Fish can be spotted and although the Mola cleaning station is at 40 meters deep, often it can be seen at more shallow waters and even at the surface.

The dive site is perfectly suitable for beginner divers and advanced divers but it is worth noting that Crystal Bay does bring surprise currents from time to time.
Manta Point along with Crystal Bay, the two most famous and standard dive sites in Nusa Penida. This is the main dive site where we can see the mature Manta Rays, growing in size to even 4-5 meters from tip to tip.

The dive site is easy, no currents but often with swell that can also be felt on the surface. Coral is not great but often we can spot Bamboo Sharks and Nurse Sharks here as well as Baby Eagle Ray. Uniquely, after November we can win the lottery by spotting Whale Sharks. 

Manta Point also features a Mola Mola cleaning station which makes this an even more interesting dive site during the Mola season.
Manta Bay is a secondary dive site where we can spot the Manta Rays. The Mantas here are not as large as the ones we can see in Manta Point but generally when during one dive we cannot see the Manta Rays in Manta Point, we can find them in Manta Bay.

This is not one of our standard dive sites. We only visit as a back-up for extremely rare circumstances when the Manta Rays are not visiting the cleaning station in Manta Point.
S.D Point is located in the north side of Nusa Penida and it’s part of our standard 3 dives scuba diving and snorkelling trip in Nusa Penida. People often mention that spotting the Manta Rays is unique but the drift dive here is the highlight of the day.

The north side of the island where S.D Point is located also hosts other drift dive locations such as Mangroove or PED and all of them host, healthy continous coral reef is for some people a once in a lifetime experience.   

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