PADI Specialty Courses


Become a better diver with PADI Specialty Courses

PADI Specialty Courses in Bali are designed for all certified Open Water Divers and above.
Each specialty has its own requirements.
Our Bali PADI Specialty chart contains all the PADI scuba diving specialties available with Neptune Scuba Diving. Click on any of the specialties listed below to be directed to the dedicated page where all the necessary information will be detailed.
Explore the deep at maximum 40m / 130ft with the Deep Diver Specialty in Bali.
Enjoy amazing drift dives all around the world or in Bali’s most famous Nusa Penida.
Dry Suits are either a necessity or a pleasure but they are different. Learn how to dive with them.
Also known as NITROX, it is probably the most famous PADI specialty available out there. Extend your bottom time.
During the night we see different things than during the day. Explore a completely different environment.
Improve your buoyancy, become a better diver, learn how to do a proper weight check and much more.
Sidemount is popular among many divers cave divers while others say it’s more comfortable.
Everyone loves wrecks but you need a wreck specialty to be able to do wreck penetration, specially in more complex dives.


Professional PADI Instructor
PADI registration fees
Transfer to dive sites
Boat rental (if applied)
Equipment rental
Dive insurance
Hotel Transfer to/from dive center in areas Sanur, Kuta, Seminyak and Nusa Dua
Towels, snacks, lunch, water/soft drink


Depending on the specialty chosen either

(extra costs apply)

Private Instructor

Frequently Asked Questions

PADI Specialties are all available to begin every day
We have designed each and every specialty and logistics to be able to accommodate each and every student according to their own schedule.

PADI Specialties in Bali can begin any day and they are normally a very private experience with a maximum of 2 on 1 ratio with the instructors.

Feel free to contact us and check either on schedule or pure logistics if you are interested in specific languages, etc.
Pricing is designed based on logistics
Each PADI Specialty is unique in its own way mainly with the logistics necessary.

As open water dives are necessary for almost all specialties and because of the more private nature of such courses, logistics are generally designed privately for the students.

The pricing includes all necessities as standard dives as well as the PADI certification fee.
The trial is free
The trial is free, but after that, yeah, you’ll need to subscribe to one of our plans to continue using Elastic.

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